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How to set up a business account on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can convert your personal profile to a business account to access features that will help you grow your business.

To have a beautiful page on Instagram and an attractive feed, we recommend that you use the correct formats for your photos and videos.

Our advice for your photos:

For the profile photo, the ideal format is 110 x 110 pixels, with a maximum resolution of 180 x 180 pixels.

It is especially important to know that Instagram automatically reduces the size of your images. Therefore, it is better to have your photos in the following formats:

Square photo: 1080 x 1080 pixels. You can also publish them in 640 x 640 pixels.

The maximum allowed format is 2048 x 2048 pixels.

If you are using a horizontal format, the dimensions 1080 x 566 pixels are recommended.
You can also use other formats like 600 x 400.

However, Instagram will display it as 600 × 400 pixels

Our advice for your videos and stories:

On Instagram you can share videos through posts or stories. Depending on the option you choose, the format of your videos will vary.

 The format of your videos for your timeline : the resolution is 640 x 640 pixels, and note that the duration of your video must be between 3 and 60 seconds.

 The format of your videos for your Instagram stories : 74950 x1334 pixels.
In this case, the duration of your video cannot exceed 10 seconds.

Our advice on the advertisements broadcast on I nstagram :

Square advertisement : 1080 x 1080 pixels. Although it will be visible in 640 x 640 pixels.

Horizontal format : 1080 x 566 pixels. And will be displayed in 600 x 400 pixels.

Much like Facebook, Instagram only allows a maximum of 20% of the image to insert text.

Our tips for IGTV videos :

IGTV videos can be vertical or horizontal.

Vertical: maximum 9:16 and minimum 4: 5.

Horizontal: maximum 16: 9 and minimum 5: 4.

IGTV cover photo: 1: 1.55 or 420 x 654 px.

To convert your profile to a business account:

  1. Go to your profile and tap at the top right.

  2. Tap Settings .

  3. Tap Account .

  4. Tap Switch to a work account .

  5. Tap Business .

  6. If you wish, you can follow the steps to link your business account to a Facebook Page linked to your business. This step is optional, but it makes it easier to use all the features offered to businesses. For now, you can only link one Facebook Page to your business account.

  7. Add details, such as your business category and contact information.

  8. Tap Done .

A business account gives you access to business features and Instagram Insights. These tools can help you understand who is engaging with your business on Instagram.

You also have the option to show or hide your activity category and contact details on your profile. Once setup is complete, go to your profile and tap Edit Profile . Go to Profile View under Public Company Information to choose to hide or show your category and contact information. Then tap Done .

Source: Instagram